Up-Cycling Fashion Show & A Workshop Re-Using Old Clothes

On Aug 27th 2015, Shanghai Creatives gathered at the Perspectives event in The Node, where a group called the Trend formers presented their new thinking concepts with an up-cycling fashion show and a workshop re-using old clothes. The goal of the event is to raise awareness and reduce the cotton over-production worldwide.


Joyce used to work for a multinational retail company in Beijing. At a stunningly young age of 23 she had her first fashion Show in Shanghai in April 2015. She was given only 3 days to prepare design, material, cutting & sewing. Furthermore, against the will of her former boss she stayed in SH risking her stable job to participate in the Fashion Show. However, her designs were loved by the audience, so she is continued her work as fashion designer in Shanghai.

How it all started...

During her job in Beijing, Joyce disliked seeing manufacturers wasting huge amounts of fabric. Now she has become a young Fashion Designer, integrating her ideals about up-cycling. This was her 2nd Fashion Show, and it was a blast!


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