Dress Me, Be You Fashion Show by Joyce Wang

Joyce Wang’s fashion show was overcrowded at Daliah’s in Shanghai. People who couldn’t get inside were following the show through the open windows. While the music started to play, colored plastic balls started to roll down the toboggan and onto the catwalk.

Models started to walk down the stairs with expressive and colorful make up, wearing the young designer’s new collection for next summer. The collection is very simple and classic, but avant-garde at the same time. Shape and design are very contemporary and minimalistic, mixed with unusual architectural patterns.

Most of her collections featured a variety of geometric elements such as cubes, lines and triangles.

After the fashion show, the party went on. Daliah was filled with fashionable people talking about the latest fashion news and upcoming events. Wine was poured, cocktails were being served in every possible color and the music created the perfect ambiance.

Joyce Wang is an upcoming fashion designer in Shanghai who is embracing the concept of Upcycling Fashion. Upcycling Fashion is creating something new out of something old. In contrast to reusing or recycling, upcycling uses existing materials to improve upon the original ones. The process requires a considerable amount of creativity and vision, as well as a foundation of thriftiness and environmental consciousness. The end result is typically a product or item that is one-of-a-kind, handmade, and sustainable. For instance, reusing or recycling worn T-shirts could mean that you use them as cleaning rags; upcycling could mean that you recreate the shirts into a handmade, unique braided rug.

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